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summer bounty

seedlings in the greenhouse

Jim turning compost in his new composter made from pallets

Jo cutting flowers, an important part of our member's weekly share

Jim anad Jo in leek patch

Egyptian "walking" onions starting to get their legs

Kris the farm dog on the move, keeping critters out of the gardens

softneck garlic ready for harvest

hardneck garlic "scapes" or "bulbils." Don't they just look cool?

drip irrigation makes all the difference in a dry year

2001 is a great year for peas!

summer crops growing nicely in our raised beds

the farm is about a mile from Lake Michigan, which moderates our climate and provides a place to cool off on a hot day

Tiggrr takes a break from mouse and chipmunk patrol

"thumbs up" hoeing saves your back

By mid-October the fall colors are spectacular

Jo and Porter take a break

Coastal mists